Back To A Simpler Time

Do you remember when your days weren't hectic?

The Sunday mornings when you would sip on a cup of coffee, read the paper, chat, play with your siblings and did nothing because that's what it was all about. 

Well, here at Sama Chocolatier, we want to bring  you back to that simpler time.

We want you to experience that fresh homemade taste of all natural ingredients that we put into our delicious fudge & confection recipes.

We make our chocolate and fudge in made to order small batches so every single piece of chocolate or fudge, no matter what flavor you choose is soft, creamy and consistent.  

So the next time you're craving something sweet that will bring you back to a day gone by, think of Granite State Fudge (a division of Sama Chocolatier).

We're here to bring you back, and then back for more.


Mama Sama Ravioli Yum!
"Let's Stay In!" Movie